While you're away let us visit your pet to make sure they have all the food, water and company they need! We'll walk, cuddle and pick up after Fido, clean litter boxes /bird cages/rabbit hutches. We love dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, rabbits, birds and fish.  Sorry no reptiles or aggressive animals. Click here for rates!

Does your pet need a ride to the groomer or vet? ...call us! we'll be happy to take them.  

A free initial Get To Know You visit with you and your pet(s) is required before reservations can be confirmed. When possible, we request a 2 day notice to schedule this appointment but we will always try to accommodate your needs.

Since we have pets of our own..we do not offer over night services.  We do offer 'Almost Overnight' - this  Pet Sitting service provides your pets with an  evening visit in your home as well as another visit the next morning. You can breathe a sigh of relief because your pet will get to maintain their normal routine of feeding, playtime, and exercise in the safety and comfort of your household.

If you are in need of someone for overnight services, please contact: Christy Eastburn - ph: 541.729.7916 Email: christye52@yahoo.com

Need something else done? Have other animals...? Let us know...we try our best to accommodate!

Get in touch!

By Ph: 9am-8pm M-Sat

Text: Anytime!

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Did you remember to book the Pet Sitter?

Rates and Services:

Intial meeting and booking consultation -
30-40 Minutes

At this visit, along with getting to know you and your pet(s) and they us, we can complete the necessary paperwork, answer questions, transfer keys, and tour your home while discussing detailed instructions on how to care for your pets.  This required meeting should be scheduled at least 48 hours prior to service, but if this is not possible, we will do our best to accommodate.

Regular Visit -
(While you are in town, at work, or on a day trip)
30 Minutes
Rate: $20

Good for mid-day or evening potty breaks and walks or time in back yard.  

This works well for those who: 
-Work or are in school for long hours.
-Have a new puppy or older dog who need more frequent potty breaks.
-Are out on a day trip.
-Want their dog(s) to get more exercise.
-Are injured/immobile. 

-Have a pet who needs time sensitive medication
-Are just too busy!

Extended Visit -
Add additional 10 Minute increments
Rate:  $20 + $10 per addl 10 minutes over the initial 30 minutes - You decide on the length of time needed.

Best for long walks, multiple pet homes, and pets with special diets or special needs.

Value Visit -
15-20 Minutes
Rate: $15

Shorter visit can be used as a quick turnout or potty break, litter box cleaning, or even a 2nd visit.

Vacation Visits -
(While you are out of town)
Rate: $60 per day             3 - 30 minute visits/walk

While you're on your vacation we will feed, water, walk, change litter box, play, cuddle bring in mail, water plants, etc so that you can truly relax and enjoy your vacation.

Pet Transportation -
Rate: $20 - up to  30 Minutes

Rides to and from groomer, vet, or wherever your pet needs to go.

Drop In - 
5 Minutes or less
Rate: $5

Very short drop in to transfer keys - drop off or pick up.

Got Pets? Call/Text: 
Good Dog!

Ph/Text: 562.209.0881

Email: GoodDogPetSitters@yahoo.com

Safe & happy at home with a professional pet sitter.

Walk.  Feed. Water. Cuddle. Exercise & Play!

We provide personalized in-home pet care that ensures your pet is always in familiar surroundings. Your pet care routine is followed as closely as possible. This includes feeding and watering, exercising and administering any oral or topical medication your pet may need.  We will spend quality time with your pet –  so your pet receives that much needed personal attention while you are away.
 We are located and offer pet services in Eugene, OR 

   Good Dog!

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